YouTube T.V. & YouTube Music

YouTube Releasing Two New Services

We all have sat there binge watching Videos, Movies and Shows! Now YouTube is releasing a new subscription based service for $40 a month. The service will stream live TV Shows, and local channels based on your area. You can have 6 accounts per household allowing your personal taste to flourish and the service is cable free with 50+ networks on board! The best part about it is, you can save shows for later or to re watch on a limit free DVR.

Though YouTube TV sounds amazing you might have to wait depending on you location, as the service is only available to select U.S. cities.

The other service you might have to wait for is Youtube Music! Not available everywhere & not much different to your current streaming service, however the fact you can listen with out a signal may put it above par. The minor thing that stands out to me in favor of Youtube is that you will be able to listen to covers of your favorite songs!

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