Apex Legends

EA Releases Newest Phenomenon – Apex Legends

We’ve seen online gaming take a whole new approach to interacting with friends with the release of Fortnite. Evolving from the mold of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite embedded it’s way into our everyday lives by being freely available to everyone with a console or PC. EA will be taking their shot at free-to-play gaming which seems to have derived from the idea of Fortnite. This tactical, squad-reliant war game is known as Apex Legends.

This game is very comparable to Fortnite in it’s style of play, however it’s perhaps more attractive to the casual gamer because you can’t build, allowing you to enjoy the game without committing a large amount of time to learn it. EA took a class-based approach to the game by giving you legends with unique talents and abilities, allowing you to build a squad to compliment your teammates’ attributes.

From the trailer, the game looks like the best of both worlds, taking Fortnite and mashing it up with OVERWATCH. This game is free on  Playstation Plus and Xbox Live, there is a story mode version which would have to be purchased.

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