The Last Of Us 2 – PS4

Naughty Dog Is Back Again With The Last Of Us 2

Naughty Dog is one of the most recognized game developers amongst Sony fans. They’re notable for some of our favorite series like Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, Jak & Daxter, and more recently, their block buster game The Last Of Us. They released part one of the series towards the end of the PS3 era, but had an even greater remastered version for the PS4. With fans clenching their seats through every moment of the game, it was clear that a sequel was in demand. Finally during E3, Naughty Dog announced they were dropping the game in 2019. With no official release date, the speculation is that the game will be dropping around June or July.

If you somehow have not played this game, it is imperative that you start with the original. The synopsis of the story is surviving a post-apocalyptic world in search of a cure. You get to play as two main characters: Joel, who is also accompanied by Ellie. Ellie is a young teen in the last game, who starts off as a burden to Joel. Part Two shows she has grown up significantly since the story began. The trailer also hints that her fighting skills have developed a great deal, which is also backed by the gameplay trailers. This game differs from the basic idea of post-apocalypse, because it doesn’t have zombies as the main antagonist. Though it is an infectious virus that turns people into your enemies, they are clickers who are infected through an airborne virus derived from spores. The class of clickers gradually have different abilities and strengths, but the coolest part of the virus is that it pays homage to a real life bacteria. How ever there is no need to worry, because the virus doesn’t harm humans, it is an infection that affects ants. BBC did a documentary that shows how the ants get infected and start doing things against their will to decolonize. Naughty Dog took that and applied it within a much larger platform, by allowing it to control humans and society. The game also included an online mode that many people ignored, however it was very entertaining. You have the option of picking a colony and for a week you had to gather points for that colony in wins. Which ever colony had the most points that week was the winner, but they do have some things to improve in regards of multiplayer. Keep an eye out to see if they build it into something new or remove it completely.

My expectations for the game are very high, because the first one was amazing. It was the only game of this year to receive ratings above 9.7 across established platforms. Naughty Dog also has a very reliable team and rarely disappoints with their releases. Many games have us excited for 2019, but The Last Of Us 2 is easily one of the leaders. THE VIDEO BELOW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!

(Cover photo taken from Naughty Dog)

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