The Border City – Manny Tulletti

When it comes to music, XMPL has always made sure to highlight up and coming artists in Detroit, Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor on a regular basis. Being surrounded by heavyweights, this city’s music scene is often overlooked when it comes to Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B. When history comes into play Windsor may forget the legend that it gave to the world in Richie Hawtin, but the rest of the world recognizes this Pioneer. With Techno music originating in Detroit & Chicago, Richie Hawtin migrated back and forth across the border adding new sounds and bring back different sounds of Techno. With this EDM genre at the first stage of it’s life Richie made a name for himself outside of the country alongside Detroit legends like Stacey Pullen. With the sound of techno music belonging to Detroit & Chicago no one can deny the influence Richie Hawtin has brought to Techno and EDM as a whole.

Covering this city we had to take a different approach and focus on the artists that are still creating Techno in the city and evolving the genre from what was left by their predecessors. We first heard of Manny Tuletti on Danny Green & DJ KyDD’s project ‘Theory of Evolution’. He produced the track ‘Call Me’ along side the talented vocalist, Jessica Paglia. The two have built a very solid foundation together when it comes to a DJ & singer combination. The two have also involved a third artist in Enton on their latest project ‘It’s Alright’, where together they remind the city of the history it has. 

We talked to Manny about his music and influences, we also talked to him about the history of Techno and the legacy of Richie Hawtin. Tuletti was very informative with his answers and what really makes this interview special is we caught him before he makes his mark in the EDM world. The multi genre’d producer has been sitting on many projects, with only a few on sound cloud including his remix of ‘Bored’ by Billie Eilish. With his guns locked and loaded all I can say is be prepared to follow this talented DJ, because he will soon be releasing his projects on every platform. 

At what age did you decide to experiment  with music and what influenced you to pursue it?

I purchased my first turntable at the age of 16. Fuelled  by passion and desire to reach a higher level of production, I decided to have a go.
 Deadmau5 was my all time inspiration and was a huge party of why I started making music. I later started appreciating techno and house focusing on the likes of Carl Cox, Gui Boratto, Eric Morillo, Richie Hawtin the list never ends! I have been soaking in every single genre and style of production since then.

What programs did you start with when you first started producing till today, and why did you stick with the current program you use?

I feel we all had Virtual Dj at one point, no ? That was the first program I downloaded. As I got more serious about production I downloaded Logic 9 and now have Logic X.

Logic has evolved a lot since 9, It is super user friendly affordable and  it gives me a nice overhead view of my production. I feel it’s matter of comfort for me, and you have to understand it takes quite a bit of time to learn the ins and outs a program fully, hence why I still feel I can learn more in Logic x. I aim to venture in Ableton as well. 

Techno is the genre you are most recognized for. Can you walk us through your relationship with Techno and what attracts you to the sound?

Techno is more than just the music associated with the word/genre. As I started attending festivals and events I understood it wasn’t solely the music attracting all these people. I was captivated by the culture, the connection the people had and  I love the the style of clothing/ aesthetic of the movement.

Techno and house  have shown me a way to release some internal issues throughout my life and  have evolved me as a person and a producer no doubt. I appreciate the structural aspect of techno and house/deep house . The sounds resonate with me emotionally and it’s a package I can call my home. 

You have found a unique sound working with Jessica Paglia, especially with your Track ‘It’s Alright’. How would you describe working with Jessica and what do you think she brings to your songs?

I had seen a few Instagram videos of some covers she did and was really interested at how unique her voice was. We are growing and learning new ways to compliment each other every record.

I feel the nature of her voice can add a unique sound to my productions and her insight can help us grow as a collective.

I’m have to  mention a close friend of mine who has helped me grow not only musically but as person, Enton Mushi  has added his knowledge in mastering and given tracks I’ve worked on more depth.

Jessica Paglia

Living in Windsor there are many Techno influences and outlets. Before we touch on Detroit, we have to mention one of the pioneers, Richie Hawtin. Being from the same city as Richie, does it bring a new perspective to the content you release?

I always compare my productions to top engineers and Djs. It is phenomenal seeing Richie accomplish all that he has, and seeing how he comes from the same city as me gives me a big motivational boost but also a big responsibility. 

It is important to  work on your sound as a producer and I feel it is very important to create something unique and break barriers. The aim is to innovate and inspire, and try not to focus too much on replicating the sounds of my idols. It is  important for me to take from them certain things such as structure and maybe certain sounds or ideas but ultimately applying all this knowledge to your own sound and journey as a producer is the goal.

Richie also created his legacy through elevating the sound of Detroit. What do you want to bring to the genre that will evolve the world of techno?

It has more to do with the bigger picture for me, I want to participate in the growth of music and techno in general. All producers are pushing the envelope every track. Every production is a new idea and the genre/realm is outgrowing itself and evolving.

To be a part of this is big for me, to be able to tell my story and show my feelings and ideas through my sounds is the biggest accomplishment. That is the beauty of it all. Everyone is telling a story through their music, the goal for me is to evolve and be heard.

Detroit is globally recognized for its early steps in creating techno & for movement. With greats like Kevin Saunderson, Stacey Pullen & many more. What kind of influences do you draw from that city as a younger artist, today?

Let me  start off by saying I love the music scene in Detroit, how cultured the people are about the music I love and listen to daily is amazing to be a part of.

I go there frequently, clubs, after parties and we cant forget Movement.
These experiences have allowed me to experience the culture the togetherness of the movement and have allowed me to hear sounds and how crowds react to certain productions.

Evolving my sound is a long process and  I can thank the the music scene in Detroit for being an essential part of my growth. 

Your quality of sound is unquestionable, but the quantity of content isn’t there yet. What can we expect from you in 2020?

Tons! Everywhere I go I have my laptop. Always new ideas and always learning new techniques.

A few new tracks with jess are ready to go and some solo tracks as well.
 The goal is to release an album/EP I would like to feature artists close to me in the city and give Windsor a taste of my sound and electronic music in which I feel Is under-appreciated in the city. 

Enton Mushi

Photos by: Sneaker Buddha

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