Traphouse Karaoke Takes Your Everyday Karaoke Night To A Whole New Level

Levelling up the standard; Traphouse Karaoke redefines karaoke in the new age. Unlike your typical ‘karaoke night’ at your local bar – the event provides an experience to both the performers and the audience. Local artists and all you wild shower-singers can take it to the stage and get the experience of performing in front of friends, artists and music lovers. Traphouse Karaoke is a showcase for local and surrounding talent and even serves as a great gateway for emerging artists to make their mark in the city.

With previous shows highlighting rising talents such as: 4Twnty, Paul Bonnick, Mugelezi, Danny Green, DVO, Pe$o Benjie$ and more – Traphouse is slowly building itself to become a solely-karaoke show, without the need for headliners as surrounding emerging artists are making their way on the stage, creating a concert environment all throughout the night.

Traphouse Karaoke Presents: The Love Show
THK Founder, Chayron Rennie

Traphouse Karaoke is hosted by locally renowned producer, DJ KyDD – who keeps the night hyped up till last call at every show! With the constant line-up and classic hits, the audience remains engaged, singing along with the performer; with songs like ‘Work’ by Rihanna or catchy beloved tunes like ‘Just A Friend’ by Mario. Some performers even take it to the next level, by performing heavy-hitting dancehall tracks, without missing a beat. Traphouse is truly the show where artists and singers-at-heart should come out and showcase their talent.

THK is also known to host themed shows, such as their last Love Show back in February where the audience sung along to their favourite R&B and early 2000’s tracks. R&B lovers where heavily influenced to get on stage and rock the mic, and it was the show that opened the avenue for R&B artists to feel more welcomed on a stage that is dominated by rapper and hip-hop artists. But, event founder Chayron Rennie has let it be known that all music genres are welcomed at the show. Whether you’re a rapper or an R&B, soul singer – whatever it may be, you are welcomed on stage. Host DJ KyDD has always maintained a welcoming environment, joking around with the audience and even getting on stage himself to sing some of his own personal favourites.


The Glow Up – a neon themed concert presented by Traphouse Karaoke held on April 20 in Windsor at Imperial Music Hall, was a show filled with audience members who challenged themselves on stage and performed top tracks; which left the audience dancing along. As THK continues to expand and reach other cities, it will soon be known as a Canadian-wide talent showcase where music enthusiasts can get their chance to get on stage for a full-concert experience, while also making their mark in their local music scene.

For more information on Traphouse Karaoke and a listing of their upcoming shows, check out their website or their Instagram page.

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