‘8 Letters’ by Why Don’t We

Why Don’t We Finally Releases Their Debut Album ‘8 Letters’


We recently hear Why Don’t We release their single ‘8 Letters‘, which happens to be the name of their album also. Finally releasing their debut album, the group showcases their talent across 8 tracks with no outside features. With songs based on topics like love, heartbreaks and fun the group really highlights their chemistry. Seeing the 5 members compliment and uplift each others skills is really eye catching for a young music group. This album has a very chilling feeling behind it which makes it a perfect release to end the summer.

After a couple listens I narrowed down my top 3 tracks, these were tracks I liked because it was easy to throw headphones on and listen too.

Top 3:

  1. In Too Deep
  2. Falling
  3. 8 Letters

Give this album a chance and lets see how this group grows!

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