‘About You’ by City Fidelia – Exclusive Preview

City Fidelia Releases ‘About You’ From Upcoming Album ‘Painkiller’

City Fidelia is a soulful artist from Ottawa who excels in street poetry and story telling through his music. The Ottawa native has a unique and captivating style in his lyrics. Being the songwriter that he is, City has never shied away from putting his hard ships and experiences in his music. Hitting the airwaves with a vulnerable and honest sound, it is hard to dislike anything this artist puts out. City has the desire to influence his listeners to overcoming their adversities, with his relatable situations you will quickly find yourself getting lost in his catalog.

City believes in putting differences aside and uniting people through art, whether it’s honest music or a bold taste in fashion. His last single ‘Mama Knows’ carried out that message, talking about a topic many people might feel scared to bring up, Fidelia opens up his voice allowing the listener to use it as a method of coping. Now we are blessed enough to receive his next single ‘About You’, straight off of his upcoming album ‘Painkiller’.

This song is heavily guided by the sound of a guitar, allowing City to bring out his affectionate lyrics. On this track you can really hear Fidelia exercise his vocals, carrying a very soft tone and a heart felt scenario. Portraying moments that leave scars, City shows that these wounds do heal over time no matter how bad they seem. This track is very encouraging and powerful, it also really makes you anticipate what the rest of ‘Pain Killer’ has to offer.

City Fidelia is a Canadian jewel with a mind full of creativity, offering art in all forms this artist holds a universal sound. Resonating with people all over the world, City has sold out shows across Europe, Asia and North America. City Fidelia has also collaborated with artists like Malik Yusef, Timbaland, Showtek & Eva Shaw. He was also selected to open shows for French Montana, A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller & Action Bronson. With all of this experience City Fidelia rightfully recognizes himself as a global citizen, making Ottawa proud every where he goes.

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