‘Addicted’ by Eva Shaw

Addicted cover art

Eva Shaw Releases Her Single ‘Addicted’ With Nate Husser, Db Bantino & ILLYMINIACHI

After the much needed time off for the holidays, I can finally come back here and share with you the music I’ve been enjoying.

‘Addicted’ by Eva Shaw has been one of my go to songs over the holidays. I’m not sure if it was the overwhelming flutes in the melody or the swagger carried out verse to verse.

This 3 minute track has plenty in it to keep us fed. Nate Husser, Db Bantino & ILLYMINIACHI flow through this track effortlessly over an Eva beat. All 3 of these artists have been on tracks with Eva and the consistency still remains.

The anticipation for her her EP keeps building up and we cannot wait till it drops!

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