Canadian Singer John Fellner Makes His Debut With New Single “Love Like You”

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Canadian singer-songwriter John Fellner makes his debut through his dreamy new single “Love Like You.”

John Fellner’s new single is accompanied by a calming black and white visual, which shows the Canadian singer playing guitar while performing his new song. Over tender acoustics, “Love Like You” takes on the challenges of finding someone new after being in love.

“I wrote Love Like You back in 2019. I had just ended things with my girlfriend, my heart was broken and I was going through it. The song got buried for a couple years until mid-2021 when I met somebody new and simultaneously the song re-emerged in my mind in a powerful way. But it took on a different meaning,” Fellner shared in a statement on his new single. “When I initially wrote the song I was heartbroken, sad, and hopeless… but now when I sing it, the song means something totally different to me. I didn’t need to find someone that resembled a past love, I needed to let go and find a new love altogether. So after many years, I sat down and cut the record. And I fell in love with it all over again.  The song love like you at first glance is about heartbreak and longing, but to me it’s more of a reminder that love, any kind of love is, precious and special… and unique. Sometimes we need to hold on, but sometimes we need to let go and let new love shed its light.”

The London, ON native has settled into an acclaimed behind-the-scenes career through co-writing and producing on Emanuel’s JUNO-nominated debut album “Alt Therapy” and has since been ready to make his own frontline introduction. As the lockdowns continued, Fellner found himself reflecting back on his own work and artistry as he geared towards his present debut – ultimately delivering a refreshing mix of pop, folk and R&B.

With Fellner starting off strong with his debut single, we’re amped to see what the newcomer has set in motion for his future releases. What do you think of John Fellner’s new single? Stream “Love Like You” below:

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