‘Suncity’ by Khalid

Khalid Releases New E.P. ‘Suncity’

Khalid released his new 7 track E.P ‘Suncity’, to honor El Paso ,Texas. Khalid’s musical talents are unquestionable, he is a stand out vocalist that offers many different types of vibes. Khalid has never failed to let down his hometown, always displaying his love and affection for the 915. It is no surprise that he started out this E.P with an intro of him receiving the key to the city. The track is named ‘9.13’ to  symbolize the date he received the key to El Paso.

This project only hosts 1 feature in Empress Of, this is crucial because with the small amount of tracks there are it still allows you to get a hefty amount of Khalid. After the intro you are automatically brought into a haunting track that will have you feeling dazed and relaxed. Khalid also offers an intimate song going over an acoustic melody in the track ‘Saturday Nights’. You will be sure to find different types of waves to ride on this E.P, you will find yourself being lost in a trance or even  groovin’ out to a Latin vibe in a track like ‘Suncity’.

‘Suncity’ was my favorite track to listen to throughout this project, but the project as a whole is worth multiple listens.


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