‘Doing It Wrong’ by Drake (Jay Meadows Cover)

Jay Meadows Resets Time With His Cover Of Drakes ‘Doing It Wrong’



In 2011 Drake really elevated the standards of music and expanded the boundaries that confined certain genres, when he released his album ‘Take Care’. With many historic songs and collaborations, the track ‘Doing It Wrong’ was a stand out tune out of legendary collection. With out getting into details, Drake did a great job creating a song that touches emotions we’ve all felt.  With a soft spoken voice and a slower beat filled with a variety of melodies this track was very easy to sit back and put on repeat.

Fast forward to 2018, Jay Meadows decided to do a cover of this track. I am usually skeptical of covers when it comes to heavy hitting tracks, I usually find artists try to mimic the artist or stray to far away from the track. Being a fan of Jay it was only right to give it a listen, I quickly found myself replaying the track over and over again, as if it was my first time listening to the song. I didn’t realize Jay could sing in the manner he did, really displaying his growth and talent this tune. The song sounded genuine and stood on it’s own as if it wasn’t cover, really allowing for the listener to relate to the song.

Just listening to this track really makes you feel that not only was Jay inspired Drizzy, but that this tune really meant something to him. This tune will certainly gt it’s fair share of plays.




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