‘Don’t Stand Too Close, Vol. 1’ by Junii

Detroit’s Heiress Releases Her New EP ‘Don’t Stand Too Close, Vol. 1’

Detroit’s very own Junii displays her versatility as she shows off her lyricism, poetic flow and surreal vocal harmonics. Painting a picture for the world of her point of view, her EP ‘Don’t Stand Too Close, Vol. 1’ puts you in front of mirror with a reflection you don’t recognize. This being her first full project of the year, I didn’t know what to expect. With 8 tracks to this project I was eager to hit play, after a seamless listen I noticed the repeat button was glued down as I ran through this EP a few times.

The 22 minute project kicks off with a poetic track titled ‘Offering’, with a mini interlude to the project. The delivery is lyrical over a piano and Junii’s harmonic vocals in the back. ‘Don’t Stand Too Close’ is a track self titled after the EP, Junii kicks this tune off with more lyrics but the delivery has that harmony she shines at displaying. She does go in with punches in middle of the tune. ‘Call Back’ is a self reflecting tune where Junii metaphorically talks to herself, she also reminds herself not to forget where she’s from. ‘Kendrick’s Theory’ pays homage to Kendrick Lamar, with a distinct artistic flow, the similarities between the two musicians are on full display. The influence is there but the originality is still the beaming light that illuminates this project.

‘Let Me Know’ is my favorite track on this project, it is a more vocal track that made me sit back and let my mind escape. The serenity on the track goes hand in hand with rhythmic flow that bangs the verses on this tune. ‘I Wanna’ comes in with a different vibe, the beat is chopped up and the lyrics are more sensual. With more of a vulnerable perception this track is a hit that you can see finding it’s way on a ton of playlists. ‘Feels Like 91’ hits the hardest bar for bar in my opinion. Junii has a swagger as she scorches the mic. ‘All Real’ wraps up the whole project, R&B vibes on full display, this tune has the most powerful vocals. lyrically displaying love & affection this tune is a perfect send off.

Junii really released a special project that is prestigious and could go toe to toe next to any project this year. Her captivating essence also brings a different sound, not only to her city but music in a whole. Detroit has been making waves and this one could flood a village.

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