‘Drogas Wave’ by Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Returns With New Album ‘Drogas Wave’


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Lupe Fiasco was one of the most insane lyricists to touch the Hip-Hop game, he was the conscious modern day rapper before the modern day conscious rapper and he is the king of metaphors. His first two albums ‘Food & Liquor’ & ‘The Cool’ showed that his train of thought was not the same as the average artist, he captured an audience those two albums that the industry neglected. Even though his work was not always understood and scared people away, the Chi-Town rapper is back with his newest album ‘Drogas Wave‘.

This album holds 24 tracks and has 7 features in Nikki Jean, Crystal Torres, Troi Irons, Damian Marley, Simon Sayz, Elena Pinderhughes, Bishop Edgar Jackson. Lupe has always brought out the best in other artists and the same thing was delivered in this project. ‘Drogas Wave’ talks about issues Lu was always vocal about and are very easy to relate to today. He was always known for his meditation and discipline through his martial arts taught to him by his father, he portrays that composed mind state through some of these tracks like ‘Down’ & ‘WAV Files’. His song ‘King Nas’ reminds me of his album ‘The Cool’ and how he described the relation ship between the streets & the game, but that’s not the only thing I get from this track. I love when Lupe references Nas, and the first time he’s done that was on the track ‘Hurt Me Soul’ from the album ‘Food & Liquor’. Lupe did a ton of unexpected things on this album including trying to rap with the new age flow in the beginning of the track ‘Alan Forever’. Though he talks about his political views he still has banger like his track ‘XO’, but the best part for me was how he went outside of just a Latin beat but actually said his bars in Spanish. It was hard to pick a Top 3 so I narrowed it down to 5.

Top 5:

  1. King Nas
  2. XO
  3. Drogas
  4. Gold vs the Right Thing to Do
  5. Alan Forever

Lupe will continue to do Lupe and we are lucky to have his music today and blessed to have his past projects. This album is in my top 5 Hip-Hop albums this year and should definitely be listened to by any Hip-Hop fan.

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