‘Eulogy’ by DJ KyDD

DJ KyDD Releases His New Project, ‘Eulogy’ In Honors Of A Close Friend

Hip-Hop producer, DJ KyDD has always been consistent in collaborating with artists and releasing singles or joint projects. This time around KyDD releases his own individual project titled ‘Eulogy’, to honor his best friend Jermaine Okyere. Jermaine unfortunately passed away on a trip to B.C.

Talking to KyDD about why this album was made he told us it was made as a late mixtape for Jermaine’s trip. KyDD told us what Jermaine said to him before the trip, which unlocked a different side of KyDD on this project.

“I want you to make me a DJ Khalid Type album with you on the tape because we both know you can spit lol”

Taking in what his friend said KyDD went off on this project, finally making that mixtape. Not only did KyDD deliver beats and a superior production quality, but he also showed us what his friend saw behind the scenes. Going in lyrically, KyDD checked us, making sure we doubt him or label him as just a producer.

This project holds 7 songs that span 18 minutes in total. KyDD also hosted 9 features in Nessy the Rilla, Big Saturn, Rit$y, Nxsleep, Quellsz, Peso BenjiesJ Gooch, Braaks & Paul Bonnick. Before I give my take on this project, KyDD’s words will explain the features and the execution of this album best.

” The album has artists I vibed with heavy on the album not only because they’re very talented but for the reason that I can relate to a lot of the things they’ve put into the tracks on this album. Big Saturn, Peso Benjies, Braaks, Paul Bonnick, In a way I feel like the artists are telling part of my story as a producer and a DJ trying to balance my personal life with the career.  
On tracks like ‘A Rilla Note’ and ‘P.S. Interlude’ you get Nessy The Rilla.  The way he wrote he said was himself writing a letter to his younger self and everything he said on both tracks hit me like a truck because I felt like it was my late friend speaking to me in every way.  On the song ‘Cocky’ we have Nxsleep.  On that song its like he jumped into my head finally saying what I’ve been wanting to say regarding my personal life and career.  
Overall there were a lot of songs that were made to fit Eulogy.  Its an album you have to listen to front to back like an old cassette you’d listen to be that it is a Mixtape.” 

After my listen to this project, I felt like KyDD really brought the best out of every artist, and they returned the favor by delivering on the beat. Hearing KyDD spit makes his arsenal a dangerous one, and could propel his music to a whole new level.

The delivery of a eulogy usually reminds the loved ones of the deceased, of all the good and happy memories. This project has tracks that shout out Jermaine, but they honor him by creating an uplifting wave that you can imagine him rocking out to. The album cover has Jermain spreading his arms as if he was taking in this project. KyDD sounds like he’s on his take over wave in 2020.

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