‘F.N’ by Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay Releases New EP ‘F.N’

The 18 year old Bronx artist Lil Tjay, come through with his latest 6 track EP ‘F.N’. This 6 track EP offers a ton of melodic vocals and lyrics that will resonate with the listener through out the project. Going in on 5 tracks alone, Tjay has one feature on his 4th track, the feature is Jay Critch. Really displaying his talents independently it was also good to see him collab on a track with someone else.

Not overdoing the features he kicks this EP off with the track ‘F.N’. Clearly sharing a name with the EP this track is very mellow with confessional lyricism and melodic vocals. ‘LANESWITCH’ was the second track and held a faster pace than the first tune, but also offered a flow filled with confidence from the young rapper. ‘Brothers’ has a soft piano before the beat kicks off and Tjay really opens up about his feelings and dark thoughts.

Critch joins Tjay on the track ‘Ruthless’, a track opening up about making it and winning in life. The two artist compliment each other very well as they combine to address their ops and flex on their doubters. ‘Leaked’ is a different wave from every other track as it holds a nice dance vibe to it, definitely has the potential to rock out clubs. ‘Goat’ is the final track of the EP and he goes off about how he feels like the greatest, the young rapper goes in lyrically and shows his hunger in this tune.

This was a crazy EP to see from the 18 year old, and he also shows that this New York wave will continue with the next generation. Can’t wait to see what else he has in store and what lanes he opens up for himself.

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