Kaeyae Alo Introduces Herself With Debut EP, “17times”

via Kaeyae Alo

Following the release of her single “Trials,” Zimbabwean born, Calgary-based artist Kaeyae Alo finally drops her first full-length project “17times.”

Making her debut – the 6-track, thirteen minute EP is an emotion-filled, soulful and deeply personal project that tells the story of Kaeyae Alo’s own experiences. “17times” captures Alo in her element as she invites us to listen in on her moments of vulnerability with lyrics like “Walk up behind me and say that you’re sorry. Don’t let me down, baby hold me so softly” from her track “Embers.”

Acclaimed by Alberta Music and iHeartRadio, Kaeyae Alo is already starting off strong with her first full-length debut. With “17times” being the Calgary singer’s first project, we’re amped to see what the future holds, as the EP has been described by Alo as “a light, if savoury appetizer of what’s to come.”

What do you think of Kaeyae Alo’s latest EP? Listen to “17times” below:

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