‘SPACE COUPE OUTLAWS’ By Big Saturn & Hanad Bandz

Big Saturn & Hanad Bandz Release Their Joint EP ‘SPACE COUPE OUTLAWS’

After seeing their promos and teasers for their EP, Big Saturn & Hanad Bandz finally release ‘SPACE COUPE OUTLAWZ’. Saturn & Bandz take on different paces through out this 6 track project. With only one track hosting features, you really get a deeper look at their creativity holding it’s own. Bringing out their reach across the continent they bring in F. & Hash Ketchum as their features on this project.

The project starts off with their track ‘Space Coupe’. Not only does the track reflect the title of the EP, it also gives you a galactic look into this project. Igniting the excitement, the momentum builds with ‘Hoppin’ Out’. This tune hits tsunami levels, with a bangin’ wave and exhilarating flows. Once the third track kicks in, ‘Talk’, it is clear to see the chemistry between Satrun & Bandz. They seem to compliment each other, no matter the wave.

‘Good Time’ kicks off the second half of the EP, featuring F. & Hash Ketchum. This is the longest track on the project, but the highlight is the rhythmic approach taken. The different flows and melodies carried throughout the song, makes it a club rocker. Even though the drums slap on ‘One Thing’ the vocals take deeper approach on this one. Finally ‘Magic’ ends this EP off, a very soft toned melodic tune with an abstract feel. Heavy piano starts the tune off and is highlighted by slicing bars and quick rhymes.

This project is a great vibe to prepare for the seasons to change, and offer a great start for any 2020 playlist.

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