‘Back to LA’ by ForeverAlways

ForeverAlways Releases Newest Single ‘Back to LA’ Featuring Raphael

ForeverAlways finds his own way to captivate his listeners with his latest single ‘Back to LA’ featuring Raphael. This track offers a whole new vibe, with something reminiscent of a dimmed light/empty room feel. With soft lyrical word play, this track really offers you a picture as it paints an escape to La-La Land. With it’s vivid detail to composition and captivating, hypnotic sound, it’s easy to see this really accompanying visions of a luxurious lifestyle.

The beat produced by ForeverAlways has a very smooth melody that hosts a soft hitting drum line. The transitions on the beat are effortless, but the most essential part of this track are the vocals. FA really displayed his talents and versatility as he goes in on the hook of the track. Raphael came in with his original lyrics as he gives you two verses that promote this track to the rank of scorcher.

This track is easily a great nighttime track, and will most likely have you locked on the repeat function on your player. The cool part about this is ForeverAlways will be releasing his music in various sessions, showing his versatility in working with different artists. This was Session 1, so make sure to keep your eyes open for Session 2!

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