‘Koi Na’ by Ikky & Nseeb

Nseeb and Ikky

Ikky Releases His Latest Single ‘Koi Na’ W. NseeB

It felt like yesterday when we sat down with Ikky to talk about his debut single ’80 90′. The Canadian producer is back again with another single that is overflowing with rhythm and culture. Ikky told us about his vision for making Punjabi music in his own unique way with his taste in sound and his style leading the way.

This latest single with NseeB is just another step forward into breaking boundaries and creating art that is not only inclusive but inspiring. ‘Koi Na’ is proof that the vision of mixing both his Canadian & Punjabi cultures, creates a hit that anyone can throw on and enjoy.

Through out the experience of being introduced to Ikky’s music and enjoying sound I would have never thought I would, I must say his music videos are equally as engaging!

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