‘Letter To The Side” by Eva Shaw & City Fidelia

Eva Shaw & City Fidelia Release Fourth Track ‘Letter To The Side’


Taking an exciting approach to releasing music Eva Shaw City Fidelia have been releasing a new track every Friday of November. Now we have finally reached the fourth and final track, ‘Letter To The Side‘. The two artists made us anticipate each track and set a whole new standard on release dates. Their music is already superb, but as a creators they displayed a new captivating way to interact with their fans and create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for their music. This style of releases is like waiting for a new episode of your favorite show, lets hope that they bring us more seasons of this type of release.

With each track taking on a different vibe, their newest single is one that captures the listeners emotions as it allows you to tap into your thoughts. City demonstrates his worldly vocal skills and flexible flow over this tune as expected, but the most astonishing part is his lyrics. Teetering between love and lust, this track is easy to relate to whether its from experience or thought’s you’ve had in the past. Eva sets the stage for city to rock out, starting off with a beat that has hints of a subtle trance bridge, it is quickly followed with a gut busting bass like nothing I’ve ever heard before. The melody has a very calm demeanor, but gives you a lot reasons to groove along. As genres continue to expand, I feel Eva & City might have just created their own and it is absolutely incredible!

This project was very exciting to cover and gave me another reason to count down till Fridays. Unfortunately the 4/4 project has come to an end, but it was a masterpiece that will forever be appreciated. Eva did mention she has more projects with City coming up in her Interview with us, now it’s time to wait see!

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