‘Luv Urself’ by Gutta King Chris Ft. City Fidelia

Gutta King Chris Releases New Single ‘Luv Urself’ Featuring City Fidelia + Music Video

Utilizing their melodic flows and combining their talents, Gutta King Chris & City Fidelia, manage to capture every vibe on their latest single. Their hit ‘Luv Urself’ is an absolute scorcher, with an addictive hook and a beat that will get your feet moving.

This tune would be perfect to mix at a club, and is also holds it’s own in any playlist. City and Gutta go into their verses with confidence, City hit’s the chorus with his unique voice creating a melody that allows Gutta to elevate the track with his own melodic take on his verse.

The two teamed up extremely well on this tune, but what made them really stand out was how comfortable they looked working together in the music video. With visuals of beautiful women, sports, vibrant colors and skyline in the sunset, this video is the cherry on top of this project. The video is directed by PeeZee, who really allowed his creativity to flourish on this project.

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