‘mau5ville: Level 1’ by deadmau5

deadmau5 Releases New 8 Track Album ‘mau5ville: Level 1:’


deadmau5 released his new catalog of music in ‘mau5ville: Level 1‘. Naming his album after his Minecraft server ‘mau5ville’, the Canadian DJ dropped some groovy tunes. Globally recognized for releasing ‘Ghosts n’ Stuff’ in 2009, mau5 brought back Rob Swire to release the single ‘Monophobia’. Almost a decade, the two have finally collaborated again and it comes with 4 versions of the track. ‘Monophobia’ is on the album as an Extended Mix, Radio Edit, Rinzen Remix, Latroit Extended Remix and an ATTLAS remix.

The global icon also brought along a few more friends on this album in Getter, nothing,nowhere, and GTA. The tracks on this album are all easy to move to and will be playing club to club festival to festival. The only track with no features on this album is Nyquist. When deciding to pick my top 3 tracks it was impossible to avoid ‘Monophobia’ but the list goes like this.

  1. Monophobia Latroit Extended Remix
  2. Nyquist
  3. All Is Lost


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