‘MCID’ by Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect Releases Their Highly Anticipated Album ‘MCID’

Brooklyn’s finest are here with their new project ‘MCID’. Highly anticipated by not only their fans, but casual listeners all over the world. Since their release of their single ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ it was hard not to keep your eyes open for what Highly Suspect is cooking up.

With 16 tracks on this project, including the outro, the Brookly band has a handful of notable features. 5 features in total, composing of Young Thug, Terrible Johnny, Gojira, Nothing But Thieves & Detroits very own Tee Grizzley. As they demonstrate their creativity with a variety of artists the band still touches topics of broken homes, depression, among a variety of other issues we tend to bottle up. The impressive take away from this is the melodic approach they have to dealing with these problems.

Remembering their home, Brooklyn, the band mentions it through this project. Starting with the song ‘Fly’ this tune is a very clear conversation with your dark thoughts, it also holds a very indie meets hip hop flow type sound. ’16’ was a song reminiscing over the past, with a rock, meets soul, meets funk type vibe to it. ‘Freakstreet’ & ‘Canals’ are both louder songs, one hold a nice 70’s sounding synth, while the other is a little bit heavier and carries a more political message. Things get a little deeper with ‘Upperdrugs’, with a guitar heavy beat this song packs an even heavier punch with it’s conversation of addiction.

If you are a fan of Akira you will love the fact the this album is bridged with short instrumental titled ‘Tetsuo’s Bike’.  Very rhythmic with a flute synth and a mild drum line. This bridges onto the band’s hit song with Young Thug & Terrible Johnny, ‘Tokyo Ghoul’. Clearly titling these tracks based off their love for anime, the song also hit’s hard with strong vocals and deep bars. Young Thug works very well on this track and elevates it to a new plateau. Their song ‘SOS’ featuring has a very very dramatic intro with a screaming voice before going into rock vocals comprised of deep lyrics. This is also the track featuring Gojira. Two bands one song, ‘@tddybear’ is an amazing track that is surreal with in itself. Nothing But Thieves join Highly suspect as a soft melody plays for the groups to sing back and fourth. ‘Arizona’ sounds more like a poem over an acoustic, which really gets sentimental. It is also the last song before ‘Juzo’ another instrumental named after an anime character. Juuzou Suzuya is from Tokyo Ghoul and the song she inspired is very haunting as a piano introduces the final chapter of this album.

‘The Silk Road’ begins to end this project as the band and Tee Grizz go off with a very electronic heavy beat meets Tee’s Motor City type Hip-Hop. ‘Taking Off’, ‘These Days’ & ‘Snow White’ were great tunes but all offered a similar type of sound to each other. Carrying a grunge inspired vibe, these 3 song really do bring closure to this album. ‘Nairobi’ is the last instrumental piece to this project and also the last track of this project. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, the track offers a great path of ambient sounds complimented with selective drum lines to get lost in.

Fun Fact: Nairobi has a huge love for anime!

This whole project is a great listen from beginning to end, it also holds a great diversity between songs. Even if one song doesn’t speak to you there will be 3 more that do!

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