‘Melody for Me’ by KeyLow Kyd

KeyLow Kyd Debuts His First Single ‘Melody for Me’

From Tulsa Oklahoma, KeyLow Kyd emerges with his first official single. The 19 year old artist debuts his track ‘Melody for Me’ to kick off 2020 with a spark. The single is a very short, but paints the perfect picture of what to expect from this young artist.

Taking a very melodic approach to his lyrics, he reinvented today’s wave by cancelling the auto tune and flowing with his natural harmonics. Giving us a glimpse of what he is capable of, this track will take you on an emotional roller coaster despite the track being very soft toned.

The ambient track will have you trying to relate to the words, but the beauty of it is every listener can have it mean something different. Wondering what the artist was thinking when he made this tune, KeyLow told us this.

‘Melody For Me’ is mixed to sound introspective to give listeners the feeling of being in my mind, the mind of a hopeless romantic. The meaning behind ‘Melody For Me’ comes from the feeling of becoming distant with someone with a final request being that the person still saves a place for you in there life. “

KeyLow managed to tie a story to this song and really helps the listener open their mind to cope with their situations. It has a sense of comfort and the vibe is fairly mellow, allowing you to tap into your thoughts while being uplifted.

This is his first track on all streaming platforms and with the year just starting, we can’t wait to see what this young talent has locked in the chamber.

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