“Moonlight in my Bedroom’ by nodisco.

nodisco. Releases His First Single Of 2020, ‘Moonlight in my Bedroom’.

The Toronto based POP artist, nodisco. made a statement in 2019 when he released his track ‘Thoughts From Your Car’. Now he’s back with his brand new single ‘Moonlight in my Bedroom’ to kick off the new year.

Not only did nodisco. remind us of his quality when it comes to production, but he managed to make the sound very upbeat and uplifting. Despite the sound being happy, the lyrics tell a different story.

The song jumps into his break up during a relationship and wears hs emotions on his sleeve. The best part of the track is once he explained a little bit of what inspired the track.

He was quoted saying:

“I was watching a lot of Dawson’s Creek at the time. I loved the wardrobe, the over dramatization, the angst… I felt like it was made for me. I like to think of Moonlight as my personal score for an episode.”

Relating he track to personal experiences allows this song to hold much more meaning. It is also delivered very honestly and grasps the listener through the whole song. His story telling and unique sound, really makes you wonder is this the year nodisco. will be diving into releasing more tracks?!

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