‘Feeling of Falling’ by Cheat Codes & Kim Petras

Cheat Codes & Kim Petras Team Up On New Single ‘Feeling of Falling’

Cheat Codes Kim Petras combined their talents together on their new single, ‘Feeling of Falling‘. Offering a new track filled with lyrics and vibes that are perfect for any shuffle, this new track is an instant banger. Uptempo sounds will keep you grooving from beginning to end. Avoiding heavy drops that stop your body from flowing smoothly, this track will for sure get any dance floor rockin’.

Cheat Codes laid out a beat that ranges in pace, it really feels like a roller coaster ride. With all of the sudden changes in the beat, it still gives a very uplifting feeling throughout the track. My personal favorite part of the melody is the sound effects they throw on the beat grid and the very well executed vocal cuts. Now even though this track gives us an uplifting feeling, Kim gets very descriptive about the flaws of falling in love. Even though the lyrics sound like they would be sad, the way Kim sings them it really does hit you in a very happy manner.

A groovy beat and very catchy lyrics is all we can ask from a track and this project was very well executed. I hope we can see more collaborations between Cheat Codes & Kim Petras, until then I can only imagine this song blowing up at festivals over the new year!


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