‘No Luv’ by DJ KyDD Feat. Youngboy Wok, YUNGJUS

DJ KyDD Drops His New Single ‘No Luv’ Ft. Youngboy Wok & YUNGJUS


One of the best things about winter is getting yourself a hot cup of coco with your loved ones and gathering around a DJ KyDD beat. This time around KyDD is keeping everybody warm with his new single ‘No Luv’ featuring Youngboy Wok  YUNGJUS. Showing a ton of composure all three parties balance out this track.

KyDD lays down a mellow beat with a bounce to it for Wok & JUS to go over. Whether it was intentional or not this beat sounds perfect for for the holidays. The way the drums stay subtle and the keys go back and fourth all I can picture is the silence of the house on Christmas eve. adding on to that element hearing Wok & JUS flow over a KyDD beat, paints a picture of two people drumming on desks and flowing to kill time. The pair really do elevate each other as they both bring their bars when they spit their verses. Wok kicks off the song with a very precise flow that gets you moving and singing along, he also carries that energy into the chorus to tee off JUS. Coming in with a flow of his own JUS really picks up the beat and allows it to transition to his style smoothly. KyDD gets creative with that part of the track as he has tires screeching, guns going off and the beat cutting in and out, playing along with the flow perfectly it really shows the talents of KyDD.

The trio killed this tune and created a scorcher that will easily stay on repeat!


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