‘No More’ (Prod YOREID) & ‘Dominoes’ by Mugelezi

Mugelezi Releases Two New Tracks ‘No More’ (Prod YOREID) & ‘Dominoes’

Mugelezi releases two new tracks ‘No More’ (Prod YOREID) & ‘Dominoes’. These tracks take two completely opposite messages and they sound great doing it! ‘No More’ is more of a track mainly focusing on getting over someone while ‘Dominoes’ takes the persona of a vibrant love track.

Both tracks are a great listen that will have you putting them both on repeat. Mugelezi shows how good his voice control is when he sings, however the most impressive part is how much soul he puts in his verses as he rhymes. The production on both tracks is great, despite the length of the tracks they are still very catchy!

It’s hard to pick a favorite between the two, but if you give them a listen you will be anticipating what else Mugelezi has coming up next!

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