‘Pistol On My Side’ by Swizz Beatz Feat. Lil Wayne

Swizz Beatz Releases First Single ‘Pistol On My Side’ Feat Lil Wayne, From Upcoming Album ‘Poison’


Swizz Beatz has been taunting us with his upcoming album ‘Poison’ for sometime now. Today he released the first single ‘Pistol On My Side’ featuring Lil Wayne, BUT WAIT!!! THERE IS MORE!! He also released a video for the single with a special guest surprise, BUUUTTT WAIIITTT THERES MORE!!!! He also blew us away when he dropped the track list to ‘Poison’, just seeing the artists that will be going in on a Swizzy Beat has my heart racing.

Before Poison drops, Swizzy decided to release his song with Tunechi just to give us a taste of what’s in store. Listening to the track blew me away, the beat Swizz laid down was so hype and  will make sure everyone remembers Swizzy is king. It was a hard beat with hit’s and the beginning teases a piano that becomes more and more a part of the song as it progresses. I’m sure you see where this is going, but before we explain the piano let’s discuss Tunechi. Lil Wayne absolutely flamed this track, the rhymes were prestigious and went so well with the piano. As he changes his styles in between verses he reminds us of his legacy and gives us a taste of why he’s so talented. Now I recommend you watch the video first because you see Swizzy teases the piano roll physically in the video, but if you haven’t guessed it yet. Alicia Keys is the one slaying the piano, she enters the ending of the song & video to go in with a piano melody. The video is mesmerizing seeing her play her piano as it’s on fire and is a must watch!

This tune is very satisfying, but remember the album is available for pre-order now! The track list with the features will make it worth while to pre-order!

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