Rapper & Producer KTOE Makes His Debut With His EP “I’m Mad” + Exclusive Interview

KTOE. Photo: Shania R.

Canadian triple-threat rapper, producer and songwriter KTOE – makes his full-length project debut with his highly anticipated new EP titled “I’m Mad.” The 21 year old has been recently making waves, working with some big names in our current industry – from Big Sean, Roy Woods, Bhad Bhabie and close collaborator, Juno Award-winning Canadian rapper Jazz Cartier. With all this under his belt, KTOE is finally ready to show the world that he’s more than just a talented producer, flaunting his rap and writing skills on “I’m Mad.”

The 6-track EP is a statement to KTOE’s true rapping and production ability, displaying his artistic skills on this emotional body of work. Tracks like ‘Goldie Rock’ get you in the celebrating mood, while serene tracks like ‘Yellow Bandana’ will take you on a journey, telling the story of fighting demons and surviving pain.

KTOE is currently the cover on Spotify’s renowned ‘Northern Bars‘ playlist and has gained immediate ‘traction for his new project – proving that this is merely the beginning for him. Throughout the year, the producer-rapper has been blessing us with bumpin’ singles, and finishing it off with his debut EP to enjoy going into the new year.

XMPL got the chance to talk to KTOE in an exclusive interview on his new project ‘I’m Mad,’ the work behind the EP and what’s to come in the future.

Read the full exclusive interview and listen to “I’m Mad” by KTOE below:

XMPL: At just 21, you’ve managed to work with some big names in our current industry, how did you find yourself inspired to pursue music production?

KTOE: I just felt as if it was in my blood to do so. In my family there isn’t any real a background of musicians or anything but ever since I was a kid, there was something about music and enjoying the feeling of creating substance from ideas I had in my head that just drove me to want to put all my energy into creating the best music I can.

Cover for “I’m Mad” EP

“I’M MAD” is your first debut full-length project, both you producing and on the mic — tell us a bit about the process that went behind making this EP.

The EP is to showcase my versatility as an artist and producer. I just wanted to make music that can put people on a rollercoaster of emotion from top to bottom. I always knew my style and interest of music was a bit different from my peers in the city and the EP is a great way of showing my style of music I can create.

From this 6-track project, which track would you say is the most significant to you and why?

All the songs are the special to me. The one I gotta say that is the most significant to me though would have to be Yellow Bandana. At the time I was dealing with a lot of emotions and I was in a overwhelming point in my life. I had poured all my current feelings at the time into making this song and that’s why it feels so real to me and everyone who listens can really feel my energy with the lyrics.

How did you come up with the name “I’M MAD” for this EP?

I named the EP “I’m Mad” because I felt as if people only take me serious as producer and songwriter which frustrated me. Now it’s about that time I showed everyone my versatility when it comes to being a well rounded artist that can make music for everyone.


Can we expect a music video off of this project? If so, which song would you pick?

We are dropping a music video next week for Goldie Rock. I want to do a video for Yellow Bandana also because the song is so special to me and I feel as if shooting a video would capture even more of that feeling. 

What can current and new KTOE listeners expect from the “I’M MAD” EP?

One word – Versatility. My goal was to show people I can do it all and make music for everyone. The tape just takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions and going forward this was I want people to expect when they know I’m dropping.  

With 2020 shortly headed our way, do you have anything in store for this coming year?

More music. More content. More everything. My team and I are about to flood the world with music and just keep applying the pressure. If we really wanted too we could drop a single everyday from how much music I have in the vault.

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