‘Signs’ by Starley

Starley Releases Her New Single ‘Signs’


Starley just released her newest single ‘Signs‘. The Australian artist displays her talents over a fresh and upbeat Electro-POP type beat, keeping the song catchy and smooth her vocals really do shine in this jam. As her vocals change range between her verses and chorus, what makes the song feel rally natural is the explicit language and how it’s used. Signing about reading the signs of belonging to each other and hanging your hopes without playing into the signals. The explicit language puts a ton of emotions behind the lyrics, but the best part is the message doesn’t take away from keeping this track a good tack for DJ’s to drop in mixes to get the clubs grooving.

This track was a great listen, I personally would like to see a few remixes of it to see what certain producers can do with talents like Starley’s.

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