Ski Mask the Slump God – ‘LA LA’

Budding rap star by day, bloodthirsty, cannibalistic and possessed by night.

That’s what you may be considering after watching these fresh new visuals for the latest Ski Mask single, “LA LA.”

As we’ve come to expect, when a video is released to support a Slump God single, chances are it’s produced from the eclectic direction and intense editing of Cole Bennett, and the latest is no different.

Blood, gore, suspense, undead beings and hyperactive camera work are the least we should prepare for when a triumvirate of Ski, Bennett, and producer Ronny J team up together. You’re going to get unbridled aggression.

The structure and vocal projection in which Ski employs on this track is reminiscent of an early version of himself, and he’s certainly subconsciously (or not) channeling stylings of his late friend XXXTentacion, which brings me back to their dark, doomy early projects as a duo.

Check it out for yourself here.

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