Tommy Noir On His Latest Music Video ‘The Northside,’ EP and More

Texas delivers with upcoming R&B and Rap artist, Tommy Noir – giving us his fist solo project ‘The Northside EP’ that was released back in late March 2018.

The 6 song EP, demonstrates how he combines hip-hop to his R&B style. Most recently, he released a music video for a single of the same name, ‘The Northside’ which features hip-hop artist Krystall Poppin – who is also from Tommy Noir’s hometown of El Paso, TX.

‘The Northside’ however wasn’t featured in the EP, and will be featured in Tommy Noir’s upcoming album, titled ‘The Star City LP,” which is set to release in July. If it’s anything like “The Northside EP,” you know we will be listening.

Listen to Tommy Noir’s ‘Attention’ from the ‘The Northside EP’ below:

XMPL got the chance to interview Tommy Noir regarding his latest EP, ‘The Northside’ music video and more. Watch ‘The Northside’ music video and read the full interview below:

XMPL: What first got you interested in making music?
Tommy Noir: I’ve been singing since I could talk. I remember long car rides with my grandfather listening to songs by The Righteous Brothers, James Brown, and of course Michael Jackson and I immediately fell in love and wanted to be just like them.

Are there any artists, past or present, that you admire?
I’ve always admired Michael Jackson growing up. To me he is the epitome of success in the music industry and he was just a genius there will never be another like him. I’m also a huge admirer of Justin Timberlake i think he’s the definition of a performer. As far as now the one artist I admire and feel I’m influenced by the most is Drake everything he touches is gold.

I read that you’re from El Paso, Texas – does your hometown inspire your music?
It definitely does El Paso is a place like no other the landscape and culture alone is inspiring.

Tommy Noir and Krystall Poppin (far left) on the set of their music video ‘The Northside.’

You recently released your EP titled ‘The Northside,’ what does the title mean?
Well that kind of goes to your last question. It’s inspired by the side of town in El Paso I grew up on and still live on. It has a bad rap and I really want it to get some exposure in another light.

What is your personal favourite track from your latest EP?
That’s a hard one but If I had to choose I’d say Attention.

You also recently released a music video of the same name, ‘The Northside’ – where was it filmed?
It was filmed at some popular spots in Northeast El Paso aka ‘The Northside’.

‘The Northside’ ft. Krystall Poppin, I would consider a rap song compared to your R&B/Hip-Hop EP. Is this why it wasn’t included in ‘The Northside EP’?
Partly yes, it marks a different direction I’m going with my music. I’m still doing R&B but it will have a lot more of a rap influence. The main reason it didn’t make it was that it wasn’t finished in time to make the cut for the EP.

How did you and Krystall Poppin come to meet and make this track?
Well we’ve known each other for a while but just never got around to working together. Some boys of mine were working with her Honey Whip crew on a video and I rolled through to check it out. I showed her a few tracks and we decided she should hop on The Northside and the rest is history.

Are there any future collaborations in the works?
I have some stuff in the works but nothing set in stone.

Will we be seeing a music video from your EP anytime soon?
As of now I haven’t decided whether I want to do any videos for the EP or not but if I do it will be because the song is going to be on the LP that I have in the works.

Watch Tommy Noir’s latest music video ‘The Northside’ below:

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