‘Summer Pack’ by Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino Releases 2 New Singles In A ‘Summer Pack’


It wasn’t long ago when Childish Gambino flipped the world upside it’s head with ‘This Is America’. Now the talented artist is back with two new tracks ‘Summer Time Magic’ & ‘Feels Like Summer’. Both that tracks sound great to relax to by the pool and very easy to listen to. ‘Summer Time Magic’ is more upbeat with a mellow feeling, and has very recognizable vocals. The Beat has a hard house type beat with natural sounds. ‘Feels Like Summer’  is a little bit more relaxed and has it’s foot off the pedal. Very Little vocals more melody like guitars, echoes and vibrant instruments. ‘Feels Like Summer’ is my favorite out of the two because it’s perfect to lay down and space out to.

Both tracks are great and worth the listen!

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