‘Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams’ by Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams Released Their New Album ‘Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams’

Take a better look at Canadian duo Neon Dreams on their brand new album, ‘Sweet Dream till Sunbeams’. This new project won’t allow you to sleep on this duo, with 9 tracks taking from story to story. The two consist of Frank Kadillac & Adrian Morris, originating from the Halifax region in 2013. This project really highlights the growth of Neon Dreams and their developed sound.

Starting out with their track ‘Life Without Fatasies’, you can indulge in a sound with a lot of foreign sounds in the beat compared to mainstream sounds. Executed effectively the beat really matches the bars and lead vocals on the chorus, but the back up vocals really do elevate the track to a whole new level. Neon Dreams really do really hit you with an uplifting sound on their song ‘High School Dropout’. The lyrics are deeper and are spit in a very clear and uptempo style, the chorus and robotic sounds at the end of the song really do give you a retro feel.

Things really mellow out on the third track ‘We Were Kings’, a track highly contagious with it’s acoustic melody. The vocals are reflective of the past and hit heavy with the intimacy they are sang in. If there was a track to tap along with while you’re chair vibing it would be ‘about you…’. This tune has a very nice beat to clap along with, it also does bring back a very vbrant tempo to the album. It is lyrically a more intimate track compare to the others. With a darker intro and a laid back sound, the track ‘HIT Like This’ is an original track that really caught me off guard. Singing about meeting the right one with a feeling of a broken paradise or impaired mind state, this tune paints a trippy image.

Reaching the back end of the album, we finally arrived to ‘if not now, when…?’. A track that starts off with a very uppity vibe and transitions to a very vocally heavy tune. The beat kicks off with the same vibe where it begins clapping and bouncing to a deeper guitar and drum pattern to compliment the vocal transitions. ‘Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams’ holds the same name as the album, it’s also a very harmonic sounding track with an angelic vibe to it. Frank kicks off the next track with a thank you message to their fans, it’s not a song just more of a message called ‘TY’. It also bridges in the last track ‘Belong!’. With an ambitious guitar strumming leading into vocals and a light clap, the song discusses their growth life and also shouts out their friends as they walk you through the personalities.

This album was laid out very uniquely and was produced at a very high level. Track to Track this project is flawless and fits a vibe for whatever mood you’re in. The shout out to their friends at the end really shows their personality on this project. Real feelings throughout this project is what makes me anticipate their future projects!

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