‘Us’ James Bay & Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Teams Up With James Bay To Recreate Single ‘Us’

James Bay recently released his album ‘Electric Light‘, where he flaunted his unique voice. The album was a great listen, and easily recognizable was his track ‘Us‘. The track was powerful on it’s own, but James teamed up with the queen her self, Alicia Keys. Throwing her extremely beautiful voice on the track as they sing it together elevated this track from a 8.5 to an 11 out of 10! I might be slightly biased because of my love for Alicia Keys, but this track is nothing but feels. Alicia shows how talented she is with her vocal range, this might be my favorite duet of 2018!

As I fan boy over Alicia and her vocals in this track, I found myself going head over heels once they did a live performance on the voice! Alicia on the piano and James on his guitar was breathtaking. Check it out for yourself!

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