‘Paradise PD’ (Netflix Original)

Netflix Introduced Their New Original Series ‘Paradise PD’

Netflix is no stranger to taking risks and fully backing their original series, this time around we got to watch ‘Paradise PD’.  Creators Roger Black & Waco O’Guin put together  a great master piece with this project. With comedy being very diluted now a days these two creators did not hold back or force any jokes. As the political climate continues to have many conflicts and opinions in the real world this show targets everybody and it is amazing, no one is safe and everyone will get offended. Besides some of the gross scenes that almost made yak out my snacks, I couldn’t be more excited for the next season.

The series is based on terrible police officers, not terrible as corrupt but as in lost and ass backwards. The show describes them with this slogan, “They aren’t first responders, they are the worst responders”. The show takes place in Backwater, the small town these 6 officers and drugged out police dog struggle to protect. A voice that stands out in the show is Tom Kenny who voiced Sponge Bob, he leads this adult comedy series. It’s hard to get into the characters without spoiling the series but Gina is my favorite, she is the only capable officer for the job, just not mentally. Dusty is an overweight police officer that is an adult child who Gina loves. Bullet is the police dog who is hooked on every possible drug you could think of.  Gerald Fitz-Gerald is a transferred cop from Chicago who is battling his PTSD. Stanley is the most incapable cop sue to age and dementia, he literally wears a diaper most of the time and find him self in “sticky” situations. The show revolves around the father son relation ship of Chief Randall Crawford & below average son Kyle Crawford, Mayor Karen Crawford has a pretty important role, she is Kyle’s mother.

This show is a must watch and the creators have a pretty reoccurring role as best hill billy buds, Robbie & Dilbert, a very genius way to interact with their characters. Finally I would like to give a shout out to ‘Hobo Cop’.


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