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This is a list I decided to make because I wanted a break from all the CGI in today’s movies.  I miss characters that grabbed  your attention through the actor. Of course the movies of today are amazing, and this isn’t a list to knock any of them. This list isn’t even a top 5 or top 10, it’s simply a list of movies that should be watched through out generations.

The first 3 movies I’m going to mention are movies that everyone should watch. These are some great bonding movies that will have you quoting scenes even as an adult.

1) Breakfast Club

“We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.” – Andrew


2) Dazed and Confused

 “Alright, alright, alright!” — Wooderson


3) Pulp Fiction

“Zeds Dead Baby, Zeds Dead.” – Butch


I quoted these movies so we can have our own bonding moment,this list can go on forever… Unfortunately i’m not here to bore you with movie’s you’ve already seen. I’m going to list some movies that i feel half the people usually sleep on.

Lets get Started!

1) Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

It bothers me how many people don’t know that Leonardo and Johnny have been in a movie together. I bothers me even more that they aren’t in more movies together. The Plot of this movie is saved by the caliber of these actors. If it wasn’t for them this movie would stink, but their chemistry makes this movie a must watch.


2) King Of New York

I am a huge fan of mobster films, this one specifically goes by unnoticed by many. I think Christopher Walken  does on of the most spectacular jobs as Frank White. If you like mobster flicks watch this movie, it can hold it’s own as a top 5 gangster movie.


3) Equilibrium

One of the most action packed movie’s there is. This movie starring Christian Bale was way ahead of it’s time. In a world wit a lesser CGI than that of today this movie captured your mind. A ton of emotion in this plot and Bale was above amazing.


4) Basketball Diaries

This is my favorite movie of all time!!! This movie with a young Leonardo and a young Wahlberg is a heavy hitter. This movie puts you in situations of mental struggle, trying to picture how you would face the characters issues. A must watch for every movie enthusiast.


I did not mention any of the plots in order to avoid spoiling these great movies. I kept this list very short in order to influence you to watch these.

Let us know in the comments what movies you feel are underrated.


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