Rapper Nessy The Rilla On His Collaborative Album ‘Still,’ Upcoming Music And More

Nessy The Rilla, Photo by: Sneaker Buddha

Hailing from Detroit, MI – rapper Nessy The Rilla has been working closely with M.A.D studios across the border, dropping heat alongside producer DJ KyDD all throughout 2019.

From his summer single ‘Sunshine’ to his collaborative album ‘Still’ with DJ KyDD, Nessy proves his versatility and skill with every new drop. The Detroit-native first found his love for music at only age 8 which is when he began writing his music. Flash-forward to the present, Nessy has been performing showcases and concerts across the US and openings for acts such as Chief Keef, Doja Cat, Young Jeezy and more.

Recently, Nessy has been putting out music non-stop. Working with producer DJ KyDD, he’s been dropping singles and projects with no sign of stopping. Early last year, the rapper released his album ‘With Love,’ which included features such as Lil Tshert, T’yRose, Champagne Santana and more. Over the summer, Nessy fires it up with his single ‘Sunshine’ and later combines forces with Tony Millions and DJ KyDD on his heavy Fall single, ‘Sines.’

In an interview with XMPL, Nessy opens up on his recent music, upcoming projects and what we can expect from the Detroit rapper. Read the interview with Nessy The Rilla and stream ‘Still’ below:

What were some music artists that you listened to growing up?

Nessy The Rilla: Definitely a full-length scale from Michael Jackson to Paramore to Kirk Franklin to Sade to Kenny G. At the same time, I feel like I’m a west coast baby. Besides Blade Icewood, my cousins would only be bumpin 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Ice Cube and Nate Dogg. Only exceptions I can remember where Biggie and Lil Wayne. Then as time progressed, I heard College Dropout and i tuned into G.O.O.D. Music heavy; specifically Big Sean, Travis Scott.

You released quite a lot of music in 2019. Which song or project would you say was the most significant to you?

It’s hard to pick because all of my art is significant. The level of significance depends on the time of my life + where my head was. If I had to pick, I would say it’s a tie between my album “With Love” and my single “Sines” w/ Tony Millions and DJ KyDD. I found different types of closure through completing and releasing them both. “With Love” was simply a testament of that in all I do (whether viewed negatively or positive) is with love. They say you are the company you keep, therefore I want to see everybody around me being the best “them” they can. “Sines” was during a time where I keep asking “why” instead of just sitting back and “seeing all the sines”. It taught me to not let people or their actions affect me.

With genre-mixing currently trending in music, do you ever see yourself merging your rap sound with another genre?

Definitely could see myself doing alternative music; maybe a splash of jazz. I’ve always wanted to create with an orchestra as well. I get a lot of suggestions for country songs; apparently I look like Lil Nas X.

Photo by: Sneaker Buddha

Who would you say is excelling in today’s current the rap industry?

There’s so many people excelling. First off, gotta give props to Detroit’s own Sada Baby. He’s woken up a lot of sleepy ears. Kash Doll has really been stepping out lately too. Got to give credit to DaBaby, NBA Youngboy and Megan Thee Stallion. I rarely listen to the radio, but I always see and hear about them. Obviously Drake, because his team’s branding and packaging is always top-tier. Lastly, I’d say Roddy Ricch. He’s been in the scene but he finally got that shot he needed to build that fan base.

In our last issue of XMPL, producer Sugar Shad mentioned that you had a project in the works. Can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on?

There’s always something in the works, I have a plethora of projects. This year I’m all about collaborations, networking and expanding. At the end of 2019, I teamed up with DJ KyDD and MAD Studios and gave y’all “Still” which is fully produced in-house. I’m also finalizing a project with DJ KyDD and Tony Millions called “BADBOYS” including an exclusive listening party on March 7th. I have other singles + projects in the works w/ Okir, TooDxpe, ChampagneSantana, King Milo, and more as well as 3525 Studios. Lastly, DJ KyDD and I have started on my album, which I plan to drop before I move to California in the fall.

Being from Detroit, are there any Detroit artists you’d like to collaborate with?

Of course! My bucket list of Detroit features are Sada Baby, Kash Doll, Payroll and Big Sean. There’s a lot of underground artists I’d like to work with as well, but those 4 must happen before I leave.

How would you describe Detroit’s current rap scene?

It’s like getting a split in bowling. It’s cliqued-up for sure. A lot of artists only support artists that support them. It’s a popularity contest like anywhere else, except it seems that I notice some artists here will try to derail your success once they see what you’re doing; that’s why I never show my next move. People saw me in Windsor and thought I full out moved. But in this scene, you have to be prepared because sometimes even your hometown won’t want to see you win. DJ Slick B was just killed last week simply because he was known in the city and had it together. I’m sure the people that did it don’t give two f*cks that they took a father from his family as well as a staple in our community. Its like morals don’t exist over here..it’s rough.

Photo by: Sneaker Buddha

Back in December, you released your collaborative album “Still” with producer DJ KyDD. Tell us a bit about how the making of this project went down. 

Well we started off back in April with Koodos. Nardo and I just finished a show at Imperial and DJ KyDD invited us back to the studio for the first time. We got there around 11 and instantly started working. By the time we left, it was 4am and we did 2 songs. Then that turned into 4 songs which turned to 8 and so forth. We actually had to shelf a couple of songs for future projects. All in all, the experience was perfect; I don’t wanna record anywhere else. MAD is home. However, as a perfectionist, if I could, I would redo the whole project not because it wasn’t good enough, but because it wasn’t my best. Certain tracks I was indecisive on deliveries and lyric content..other times I was simply unfocused, going through personal issues and wrote rhymes from my head instead of my heart.

How did you guys come up with the name “Still” ?

I saw a rose in the snow one time, and thought about my life symbolically. Through the cold weather, treacherous winds, and hefty snow, the rose still stood; beaten and weathered but still stood. My whole life is represented in that rose. No matter how hard the obstacle, or how heavy the work load; I still rose. Regardless of the dirt they threw on my named, through all the bullshit, I still rose. Plus, Windsor is the city of roses so I felt it was good tie-in with the location.

Stream ‘Still’ by Nessy The Rilla x DJ KyDD

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