A First Look Into YLW’s First Collection ‘A Beautiful Mind’

Fashion designer Rylee McGee is releasing her first collection under her brand YLW and gave us a first look at ‘A beautiful mind.’

In our interview with Rylee for XMPL Issue #6, she tells us about the inspiration behind her recent collection. “A Beautiful Mind is a collection that is very close to me. The concept for the collection is based around people with mental illnesses, specifically schizophrenia, and how their minds are widely misunderstood. Growing up, my grandfather, who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, lived with us. As a child, I was sometimes afraid of him because of the stereo-types that surround his illness. It wasn’t until I was older that I started to have deeper conversations with him and realize how special and unique his mind is. Throughout the collection I wanted to highlight the stereotypical side of schizophrenia and turn It into something beautiful. The collection will have pieces that would fall under haute couture; in addition, I am also releasing ready to wear pieces, this way there is something for everyone.”

Photographed by: Sneaker Buddha
Designed by: Rylee McGee, YLW

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