‘4 Am in El Paso’ by Tommy Noir

Tommy Noir Ends The Year With Latest Single ‘4 Am in El Paso’

After releasing his EP ‘Eleven Eleven’ in 2018, Tommy Noir made sure to give us two different projects in 2019. ‘What Are We Gonna Do’ was his first single of the year where he took on a more melodic vibe and really exercised his vocals. Tommy really highlighted what he can do and also gave us unique visuals to the song.

Reminding us all that he is versatile he gave a us a raw lyrical Hip-Hop track in his latest single ‘4 Am in El Paso’. The Texan also claimed to be king of his city and really demonstrated a serious mindset about his future in music.

Refreshingly so, now we can anticipate as the year ends to see what he has brewing up for the new year, maybe another EP, a couple of singles or even a full out project? All I can say is I enjoyed listening to his tracks and can’t wait to see how much he grows as an artist!

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