‘No More’ by Son Real

Son Real Gives A New Tune ‘No More’


SonReal is back again with his new single ‘No More’. The Canadian artist is very critical in executing his superior word play over captivating melodies. Son is extremely good at transitioning his vocals between his singing and his flow, allowing him to create a very elegant style of Hip-Hop.

This new single harnesses a very upbeat sound, children singing, guitar strumming, light adlibs and reoccurring whistling will have you in a good mood. the most interesting part is when the song fades down before taking off again, that is when you realize that the song isn’t really about pure happiness but rather overcoming certain hurdles in life. This very empowering song is perfect to throw on your headphones  to kick off your day.

This was a killer release, make sure to check it out!


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