‘BAD BOYS’ by DJ KyDD, Nessy The Rilla & Tony Millions

Detroit Rappers Nessy The Rilla & Tony Millions Team Up With Canada’s DJ KyDD On New ‘BAD BOYS’ LP

‘BAD BOYS’ Listening Party

Before the world stopped on it’s axis and we locked down the globe, my last vivid memory of going to an event was the ‘BAD BOYS’ listening party. Located in Detroit, the event was hosted by the three talents who have blessed us with their latest project.

This 7 track album really focuses on the relation ship between DJ KyDD & the two poetic talents from Detroit. Nessy The Rilla & Tony Millions have been locked in mentally and pushing each other to new horizons in order to elevate this project. With Lauzy Beats being the only feature, this project paints a picture of what these 3 artists are about. Mixing their sounds together they give you a vast range of music to vibe to.

Over the last six months covering M.A.D Studios, I’ve ran into Nessy a handful of times and have seen KyDD at work. The amount of drive and work towards this album is immeasurable and the final product paid off. Keeping the duration clean and efficient the total play time of the project is only 20 minutes, giving you the opportunity to dissect and analyze their content.

I have personally been anticipating this release and can’t wait to see what the future holds, but I will leave you with my favorite 3 tracks.

  1. Dank Frank
  2. Stay Woke
  3. Sines
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