Canadian Rapper Jared Anthony Lands NBA 2K21 Soundtrack With His Track “Mayday”

Photo via Jared Anthony.

Canadian rapper and songwriter Jared Anthony has recently found himself landing two spots on NBA 2K21’s official soundtrack.

Through a featured collaboration with rising San Diego based artist ill Nicki on his track ‘Photograph’ as well as Jared’s own track ‘Mayday’ off of his summer release, “Quarantape” EP – he lands two electric features on the game’s official music track list.

Captivating listeners through his overall mix of rap, singing and rockstar vibe, Jared Anthony is an emerging artist to be on the look out for. The Canadian rapper has most recently dropped his latest single “Crossfire” where he get emotionally vulnerable with lyrics like “can you hear me out? Don’t you get caught in the crossfire” on the song’s hook – giving fans his classic nostalgic emo-rap sound.

As Jared continues to put in work for new music, we’re are amped to see what the rising rapper has in store for the rest of 2020 and the upcoming year post-quarantine.

Stream the NBA 2K21 Official Soundtrack:

Stream “Quarantape” by Jared Anthony:

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