‘Do It Again’ by Eva Shaw, Roney & Jayy Brown

Eva Shaw, Roney & Jayy Brown Form A Trifecta On New Single, ‘Do It Again’

The North has shown the ice in it’s veins as Eva Shaw links with Roney & Jayy Brown to form the coldest trio. The three ear rattling artists, combine their talents to release their new single ‘Do It Again’.

This high energy track should include a neck brace. Even though this tune is under 3 minutes, once you hear the “Eva Shaw on the DAW” you will be groovin’ down a rabbit hole. As expected Eva laid down a beat that formed a play ground for Roney & Jayy Brown to pop off in. With one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard this year, this tune also hits hard with the bars that Roney & Jayy laid out.

Reminding us what the Six is all about, Eva, Roney & Jayy remind us how cold the North can be. With a cold winter dawning us, these three artists continue to demonstrate that they are bullies when it comes to their crafts. This three headed monster they created, reflects how versatile they are and how quickly they can adapt their skills together.

Eva Shaw has continued to cook in the Lab since her ‘4/4’ EP with City Fidelia.

Roney will have his new project ‘Versatile’ drop on November 22, 2019.

Jayy Brown is enjoying the release of his last single ‘Border’ which is a must hear for everybody!

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