Dreamland Sessions

The New Canadian Music Series That Emerged From The Capitol

Cultivating a unique sound and sense of style, Dreamland Studios based out of Ottawa, Canada has been building a sanctuary for music artists and Hip-Hop fanatics. The support and healthy competitiveness among the artist, has made Dreamland a place all Ottawa artists want to check in with.

However, we aren’t going to look into the studio today, or their artist roster or even their discographies. Today we are going to be taking a dive into their amazing series called ‘Dreamland Sessions’. Lead by Dreamland founder and lead producer Quest, this session is an easy watch of raw talent and inspiring work ethic.

In hopes of uniting Ottawas music scene under one flag, Quest has created this series in which he hosts Ottawa artists to write down a verse on the spot, to a beat he produced on the spot to create a 1 minute performance of their craft. With the series reppin’ Ottawa, it was no surprise for us to see a couple XMPL favorites like City Fidelia & Capé. We also got to see artists like Dip Black, Hevve, Babe Ruth, & many more.

Keeping the session open to all wakes of music, Quest works with singers, rappers, poets etc. Just because any style is welcome it doesn’t mean all quality is accepted. Holding a high standard, Quest reaches out to artists that catch his attention with their work.

With artists also reachin out to him, he told us he trusts his gut instinct at that point. With making beats on the spot, it clearly can be time consuming to get a video made, edited and published consistently. This is what makes the production of the right beat for each artist crucial! Quest tries to match the vibe of the artists and also looks to bring out the best of their sound.

This flux of creativity helps Quest and the artists step out of their comfort zone, by working with new people and new sounds. It helps them over come obstacles and new challenges, but it also widens their horizons for new sounds and styles to experiment with. “16 Bars In 60 Seconds” is a great way to keep you on your toes!

The whole series has 38 episodes, after every 10 they are released on Spotify as an album that lets your relive 10 tracks in 10 minutes! The series right now focuses on Ottawa artists, how ever with the goals of working with Method Man, Redman, Snoop and other Hip-Hop legends, the next step seems to be opening up to out of city artists. Quest creates these projects with his team on Arif, Neil & MvB.

View photos from Dreamland sessions:

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