‘Ever Changing’ by The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood Releases New EP ‘Ever Changing’

The Neighbourhood is back with a brand new 5 track EP ‘Ever Changing‘. After staying quiet for a little while, the group is back with this project and brought some friends along with them. This 5 track EP hosts 4 features in Denzel Curry, Nipsey Hussle, Ghost Face Killah & IDK. this catalog really molds genres together and doesn’t just highlight the talents of The Neighbourhood, but also shows how versatile their featured artists are.

Everything from mellow vocals to straight bars, this EP has everything you need to enjoy your listen. You will get off to a jump start, with Denzel rocking out on the track ‘Kill US All’. Nipsey & Ghost Face split the next two tracks with lyrical images over mellow beats. ‘Paradise’ is the only track with now features on this project and as great the track is for spacing out the words are very deep, really capturing your attention. IDK is on the last track ‘Beautiful Oblivion’, which ends the project with a choppy and bouncy rhythm for you to groove out to.

My favorite track was ‘Kill Us All’, but this track will be on repeat 3-4 times this month. It is very easy to listen to and was very well produced!

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