‘Fade Away’ by Myles Castello (Music Video) Co-Starring Sophia Diamond

Myles Castello Releases Visual Art For His Single ‘Fade Away’, With Sophia Diamond Sharing The Lime Light.

At the start of August we had the pleasure of interviewing R&B singer Myles Castello, shortly after the release of his addictive new single ‘Fade Away’. Singing about a relationship that Myles thought would be forever lasting, the young singer tells us a story about how the relationship came a long way just to “Fade Away”.

Myles took on a whole new level of creativity with this track. Not only did he write and record the song in under 24 hours, he put on a movie in the music video, alongside Sophia Diamond. Known for her social media prowess and Tik-Tok videos, Sophia and Myles had a chemistry that was undeniable in this video. Avoiding any spoilers, just be sure to focus on their interactions together, you’d think they’ve done videos together more than once.

Along with their chemistry on set, the aesthetic of the video was worldly. The credit for these visuals go to Angelica Milash. Capturing Myles & Sophia together and selling us on the lyrics, Angelica really flexes her muscles as a director on this project.

Make sure to check out the tracks below from Myles, as he continues to impress on the road to his next project!

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