‘Lost Tapes 2’ by Nas

Nas Is Back With A Brand New ‘Lost Tapes 2’ Album.

Godson is back again to paint portraits in your mind. Lyrically sculpting stories, Nas is recognized as one of the best story tellers in Hip-Hop. Also arguably the greatest of all time, Nas is in all of your favorite rappers top 5. With timeless pieces gifted to Hip-Hop, Nas influenced many to pursue music with albums like ‘Illmatic’ & ‘It Was Written’. Wanting some new classics from Nas, we can finally say he’s back with his latest album ‘Lost Tapes 2’.

Hosting features like Al Jarreau, Keyon Harrold, RaVaughn, Swizz Beats, David Ranier & J. Mayers. With production from Kanye & Pete Rock also bring a different vibe to this project.

Pete actually produced the first track ‘No Bad Energy’, lyrically great with a soft tone to it. ‘Vernon Family’ was my favorite tune with a quick Nasty Nas flow, really makes me fall in love with his music all over again. He puts Queensbridge on this track and checks everyone else. His versatility and flow on any beat is heavily proven on his track ‘Jerreau Of Rap’ he takes a jingle type beat and flexes his poetry. The song also gives him a saxophone melody that he intertwines with as he flows with it.

Teaming up with Swizzy on ‘Adult Film’ really pays homage to New York with these two combining talents. The slow piano on the track and Nas spitting his wisdom is the equivalent to the balcony scene in ‘Heat’ with Robert De Niro talking to his date. ‘You Mean The Worl To Me’ was the track that was produced by Kanye and started off very haunting and tells a story of falling for the wrong girl.

This Album embodies timeless and shows that Nas is a giant piece of the heart of Hip-Hop. Reppin’ Queensbridge throughout this album, Nas is one of New York’s kings and most recognized artists.

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