‘Family an Loyalty’ by Gang Starr Feat. J. Cole

Gang Starr Makes Their Return On New Single ‘Family and Loyalty’

16 Years! 16 YEARS!! Gang Starr is back and is fully resurrected by DJ Premier.

With unreleased lyrics from the late great Guru, we get to hear his bars and get lost in his lyrical lessons one last time. I can’t help but smile ear to ear from seeing Brooklyn’s Gang Starr return in today’s modern game.To elevate the stature of this single ‘Family and Loyalty’ this track also features bars from non other than J. Cole.

Preemo lays out a very soft melodic beat with noticeable scratching through out the track. A chorus from Guru & MC Lyte kicks the tune off, followed by a verse by Guru & Dres.

When the chorus returns you notice Cole, and when the second verse kicks in, YOU REALLY NOTICE COLE.

Timeless in his words, his versatility really matches the sound of Gang Starr bar for bar. Fusing two eras together really is a treat for any Hip-Hop fan. Cole also really shows why he is highly respected by the OG’s who paved they way.


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